How will they evolve?

In the last year and a half, the fashion industry has undergone several transformations. We have gone from a great extravagance, a breathtaking location, to an unparalleled minimalism. Much has been written and much has been said about how our life and shopping habits have been able to change. As soon as new awareness of responsible production and brand ethics matured, fashion itself began to feel the need for a return to origins; to something less scenic, less extravagant and therefore less spectacular. The times of the great fashion shows seem far away, think of the Louis Vuitton escalator parade or the elevated funfair for the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show in 2017. Covid-19, lockdown, masks and social distancing have transformed everything this. Hence the ideas of creators and designers who have found the main way to follow in essentiality. Without guests, without people, just the clothes. The first gradual reopening of 2021 bode well and fashion shows are back in attendance. Few, very few guests in compliance with the anti-Covid directives and the great desire to share the joys and emotions that fashion offers. The fashion houses, strengthened by a new possibility, were not long in coming. Starting again all together, but having a clear idea of ​​where their roots lie: in minimal, often a faithful companion of sustainability. Celebrate the importance of the past, without the oddities. Only art, fashion and soul. Who knows if the fashion industry, after the pandemic, hasn't really understood this.

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