Back to School - Let's start!



Finally, school starts again! After a complicated, difficult year, all the children of Italy return to school hoping that the DAD is just a past memory, while the hope of the parents is that it can always remain open. The return of boys and girls to school means, especially for parents, renewing their wardrobe! What better occasion to choose new shoes or to always show off new ones outfit on every school day? Check out the new "Back to school" collections on our website! Collections created in the name of colors and fun, for the little ones, in fact, bright and gaudy colors are to be preferred precisely to make the transition between summer and autumn less complicated. The password will therefore be FUN! Happiness and joy even in returning to the benches! But, above all, what can our little ones not do without? Without a doubt the answer is the BACKPACK! The main protagonist of each school year, which accompanies and unites entire generations of students. You still don't know which backpack to buy? Don't worry, enter Coiro Store and find out all the news!

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