It’s Paddle Mania!


How to dress to play Paddle? Here are the tips for the perfect outfit

You’ve been invited to play Paddle, but you don’t have the faintest idea what to wear? You’re not the only one! An engaging, dynamic sport that is literally depopulating in Italy in recent years, the Paddle requires, as for all disciplines, a suitable and super adequate clothing. Do you want to know more about it? Then let’s get started! One of the first things to keep in mind to dress flawlessly to play paddle are shoes. If you do not have the appropriate models (with gel sole for example), you can use the most classic tennis shoes that allow to cushion shocks and ensure excellent grip on the surface. When it comes to clothing, we suggest you always use short-sleeved t-shirts: Paddle is a sport that requires considerable freedom of movement of the arms and the sleeves could jeopardize the success of the shots. As for the trousers, true paddle clothing requires the classic shorts, as they guarantee an excellent mobility to say the least. Beginner? In this case, add leg warmers to your look, useful to warm the lower leg but also to prevent bumps and injuries. Among the must-have accessories for playing paddle, there are definitely cuffs and anti-perspiration bands. These have a breathable action, essential in a sport where you run and sweat a lot. Do you understand everything? In Coiro Store there is a whole section dedicated to sportswear for men and women (and not only to play Paddle!). What are you waiting for? Run now to visit her at the link below!

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