Colors, light fabrics, great returns!


Discover the new trends spring/summer 2022

The summer season is just around the corner and the desire to renew your wardrobe has become a pressing need. The big names in fashion have put their own spin on it on the catwalks and have already dictated the new trends to follow for the spring/summer 2022 season. Many colors, light fabrics, great returns: let's see right now which are the garments that you can not not show off in the most special occasions of this year. Let's start with the micro suit: it is cropped jacket and mini-skirt coordinated, will almost represent a return to the 60s! For women who aren't particularly fond of skirts, however, a great alternative could also be a long jacket and bell bottoms. Also mark a great revival of the jeans low waist, must-have of the 2000s forgotten in recent years (and there are those who would have preferred to leave them in a drawer)! The runways have already dictated two styles that you won't be able to avoid showing off next season: these are the minimal outfit and the rock look. The first, launched in the 90s by great style icons such as Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, is characterized by long, essential dresses, to be accessorized in a balanced way. The rock one, more progressive, will put the nail in the center and will mark the return of the leather jacket. What about shoes and accessories? Next spring, there will be a plateau over, a dizzying (but comfortable) high footwear. Even slave sandals, perfect for summer, are a must in your wardrobe. What about the bags? Bucket models, mini jewelry bags and maxi bags for daytime looks. All high rate of style. As far as colours and fabrics are concerned, the protagonist will be the desire to be reborn and to look to the future with optimism! And it will be the bright colors like pink, orange, green and yellow that will dictate the trends. Let’s talk about nuances that represent an indispensable hymn to life (or return to life, if you like). What about the most used fabrics? Surely not missing satin but also tweed. The latter, frequent in winter with neutral colours, will be re-proposed in cotton and pastel shades. Do you know that these must-have garments of the spring/summer 2022 season can be found all on Coiro Store? Check out our new catalog at the link below. We are waiting for you!

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