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In the case of using PayPal with PayPal, the Customer will be able to pay the order directly through your verified PayPal account. The Company informs you that only payments made and receipts from verified accounts will be accepted and reserves the right to ship the Products that are the subject of Customer's order to the address listed on the verified PayPal account.

Payments Orders from Unverified PayPal Accounts will be canceled and, consequently, will not be shipped from the Company.



The company offers the possibility of choosing the mark as a payment method.

There are fixed charges of £4,45

Payment is made in cash at delivery (courier does not accept checks and does not give change). The service is available only for Italy. Please check if the shipping location chosen is covered by the service, filling in the part of your shipping cart details.

In the event that the shipment of a order made with a mark would not be successful for causes attributable to the customer, the company reserves the right not to proceed with any other order with the same payment method. The customer who chooses the mark as a payment method must have a current post or bank account for a possible refund in case of return.



In the case of payment of products by bank transfer, in the confirmation of the order of the customer - sent by email from the company - will be indicated the bank coordinates of the same company. In this case, the products covered by the order of the customer will be put aside, pending the accreditation of the corresponding amounts on the company's current account.

In any case, the Customer will be required to send a copy of the transfer order to the company within 4 days of receipt of the order confirmation by email. Upon receipt of a copy of the bank transfer within the stated 4-day time limit, the company will cancel the order of the Customer.

Customer order shipment will be effected once the company has received the actual credit on its current account of the amounts corresponding to the order.

Our bank coordinates are:

Coiro S.r.l

Banca  Monte Pruno credito cooperativo di Fisciano, Roscigno e Laurino sc

IBAN: IT51P0878442080010000015684



Installment payment - Scalapay (only in Italy)

Scalapay is an innovative financing method that allows you to buy in your favorite online stores, receive your products immediately and pay in 3 convenient equal installments expiring every 4 weeks.

If you buy with Scalapay you receive your order immediately and pay in 3 installments. Take note that the instalments will be transferred to Incremento SPV S.r.l., to related parties and their assignees, and authorize such transfer.

The service has no additional charges if instalments are paid by the due date.

At the time of purchase you will be immediately charged the first instalment (equal to one third of the total value of the purchase). The following 2 installments will be charged every 4 weeks.

First instalment: at the time of purchase

Second instalment: 4 weeks from the day of purchase

Third and final instalment: 8 weeks from the day of purchase

For more information visit the Scalapay Policy.



Our company guarantees you a secure payment. Your bank details are fully encrypted and protected by the security system.

After the order is confirmed, the payment application is transferred in real-time on the online payment platform.From here a request for authorization to the credit card circuit is sent. The on-line payment manager issues an electronic certificate.

This means that your bank information is not circulated on the internet and is by no means visible to the company, so for every new order we require credit card details.

In addition, some credit cards, to protect you from online fraud, require a further security code to be added to confirm your payment. The code is provided by your bank.